Every day projects on paper are developed into finished stone products, thanks to precise technologies in the hands of creative and capable persons.

Ramazzina Amerigo

A new concept of natural stone


Our expertise has grown with our knowledge of marbles and granites: all the materials we offer to our customers come from our territory and from the best quarries around the world. We can realize bold and refined projects; we can combine the linearity of the natural stone with the strength and elegance of the visual impact that has been imagined by our customers.

We produce both finished and semi-finished products, such as slabs. According to customers’ requests, their surface can be polished, honed, flamed, brushed, sand-blasted, leather/satin/antique finished.


We dedicate a lot of time and attention to the research and selection of cutting and processing techniques. The competence and expertise of our workers, together with an advanced technology, allow us to develop the biggest projects.

We use several CNC with 5 axes – they are versatile tools which can very efficiently cut the materials and execute rebates, grooves and low relieves. We also use water-jet machines with 5 axes which are computer-run, and that means a precise control over the cutting and work on the slabs.

Finally, with edge polishing machines we can shape and polish flat, toroidal and rounded edge.

Work together

Each experience is different; every project is unique, developed and processed according to customers’ need. To work with us means above all to rely on a constant, expert, involved and reliable presence.

  • Project creation and development;
  • Draft of executive drawings (which we can develop upon reception of basic information from customers – i.e. kitchen tops, stairs, wall-cladding, reception desk, tables, flooring, etc.);
  • Rendering (if required for specific or big projects);
  • Careful selection and supply of materials, according to customer’s instructions (through images and/or samples);
  • Production and time management (to respect given delivery dates).


A family craft written in stone


The art of choosing from the catalogue of nature


The solidity of materials and lightness of imagination

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