Company profile

Amerigo Ramazzina Founder

Present on the market for 3 generations, the company Ramazzina Amerigo Marble and Granite stands out in its industry for flexibility and dynamism.

Always been known for finished natural stone, the last decade has established itself strongly in offering both semi-finished products such as slabs, which worked as a specialized ventilated facades.

Thanks to the selection of materials only in the best quarries in the world, the most advanced technology and an accurate control on the production chain, the company is able to meet all kinds of requirements of national and international clients.

The company philosophy is based on the direct relationship with the client and exchange information in real time have made sure that Ramazzina Amerigo Marble and Granite has increased year after year staff, customers and sales.

Convinced of the importance in today's market of this policy, surely we can also meet your needs.

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From father to son since 1962

The attention to detail, workmanship and respect for the environment, for over 50 years makes us protagonists in the field of semi-finished marble and granite.

Amerigo Ramazzina, Founder

The values ​​of tradition combined with technological innovations allow us to be at the forefront with new proposals in the processing of marble and granite.

Ramazzina brothers, Managers